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I was recommended to Mr. Evan Barrickman, from another personal injury attorney in Anchorage. I was approaching the statute of limitations of my personal injury claim as the result of a car wreck I was in almost two years ago. I tried to handle the case on my own but I was getting nowhere with the insurance company of the other driver, and other auto accident lawyers were not willing to take my case because the statue of limitations was approaching.  Mr. Barrickman looked at my case, and gave me a honest, realistic assessment of where I stood and the most likely outcomes. He handled my situation with professionalism and concern. As different situations arose during the course of my case, if Mr. Barrickman couldn’t give me an immediate answer he would do his research and get me an answer as soon as possible.  After review, he again provided honest, straight forward advice of how we should proceed.

In the end, I am very pleased with the services I received from Mr. Barrickman. I ended up with a settlement six times larger than what the insurance company was offering me before I retained Mr. Barrickman’s services.  I would recommend him to anyone in need of fair, honest, competent, and compassionate representation.

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Evan was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He grew up in South Anchorage and graduated from Dimond High School.

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