Child Custody Case in Early 2018

I came to Evan with my child custody case in early 2018. It was a complex case but he took it immediately! He had my daughter back to me within 5 days!! He even had to get a court order and writ of assistance. He came through on all fronts. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone 💯 – Joseph Gabryszak

Child Custody Case

Came to Evan with a child custody case. I was extremely stressed and completely in over my head. Evan sat me down, looked at my case and took it without a second thought. He laid out a plan in front of me that he said would work and two court hearings later, my case was won. I highly HIGHly recommend his office if you find yourself in a legal bind. -Anthony Gadway

Child Support Order

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I cannot put into words how thankful I am. – Mike P.

Evan is awesome

Evan is awesome. He rocks. I could not be happier with the results he got for me. David M.

Very informative, always reliable

Evan was referred to me by a friend that told me “he’s a great attorney that won’t settle for a Bologna sandwich” I didn’t get what he meant by that, and still don’t. If I were to guess I’d have to say that it means he won’t settle for the first offer that’s set in front of him. He fought hard for me and told me exactly how it was with no “bologna”. Very informative, always reliable. Throughout my entire divorce/custody nightmare he was the

Custody Relocation Case

Evan Barrickman was the perfect attorney for my custody relocation case. Evan showed compassion, an outstanding work ethic and a genuine concern for me and my family throughout this very stressful process. He is thorough and was on top of everything. He was very responsive and communicated when he needed to and is a real straight shooter. We won our case against a very tough attorney and because of him, our family stays together here in Alaska and I will be able to be in

Motion to Modify Custody for Relocation Out of State

Evan Barrickman represented me in a difficult child custody case. Evan was very competent, was very confident, and was very knowledgeable and tactful in handling my case. Evan did not make any promises that he did not keep, but offered his opinion on how the case would likely proceed (he was very accurate in his prediction). I would strongly recommend Evan to anyone in need of a competent, confident, attorney. He charges what I feel is very reasonable for the high level of service that he provides.

R.M. Divorce

Evan was truly an amazing advocate for me. His support and skill saw me through deeply difficult decisions. I spoke with more than five attorneys when facing divorce. My advice: call Evan. At the first phone call, Evan had my back. He was quick to schedule a meeting and set up representation. I felt that Evan believed in my case and its outcome, and I appreciated his candor, warmth, and respect. I hope not to need Evan’s services again, but if I do, I am so

J.E. Anchorage Divorce

Evan is a very good lawyer. He knows what he is doing and is best at it. I hired him to represent me in a case and he was prepared even though I hired him on short notice. With Evan’s expert negotiating skills my case settled out of court.

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