Pure Perfection

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I have known Evan since he was a teenager playing hockey in Anchorage. Recently, he represented me in a stalking case against me. His cross-examination of the petitioner was pure perfection and quite frankly a joy to watch. His professionalism and confidence in the courtroom, in my opinion, is unmatched. I would recommend Mr. Evan Barrickman to anyone who needs legal representation. In my particular case, a lawyer wasn’t necessary but a word to the wise “You are far better off with good representation than without.”. My opponent found out the hard way and Evan put a stop to years of harassment by this individual. Don’t bother searching through lists of lawyers, just stop with him.



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About Evan

Evan was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He grew up in South Anchorage and graduated from Dimond High School.

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