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At the Evan Barrickman Law Office we are family law attorney anchorage handling  Divorce.  We believe that divorce is about the future, not the past.

Divorce is a dissolution of marriage which is the unhappy event. In addition, people have to face emotional situation along with many legal, financial and parental duties.

About 50 % of marriage end up divorce in USA, It has updated to only 1/3 over a time. The declination of marriage is usually among educated people in a sense that they marry later usually after they are matured.

We understand Divorce is not always a willing choice and a happy decision but you don’t have other better option rather than divorce. You need to choose right divorce attorneys in Anchorage Alaska so that you won’t have to face tedious divorce process when you are emotionally weak.

We guide our clients through the divorce process and resolve related issues involving children and property, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. In every case, our goal is to enable our clients to move forward with their lives in the best manner possible.

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We represent clients in marital dissolution matters involving:

Helping You Understand the Possibilities

Evan Barrickman will begin by learning about your personal, financial and family situation. He will discover your hopes, your fears and where you want to be in your life six months, a year and three years from now.  Evan will also explain the legal and factual issues in your case that will shape the eventual outcome. Based on your instructions, our firm will then work diligently to achieve your divorce and resolve related matters in an acceptable manner.

Division of Property and Debts

After issues involving children, achieving a fair and equitable property settlement usually presents the greatest challenge during the divorce process. Evan will take measures to protect your rights and interests during the legal process and work diligently to help you obtain a fair property settlement.

Realistic, Results-Oriented Representation

Divorce is about building a better future for yourself and your children. In most cases, the best path forward is to negotiate an overall settlement that is both realistic and fair. If necessary, Evan will represent you assertively in court to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Our firm can also represent you in other family law matters, such as prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and restraining orders, paternity and domestic partnership agreements and dissolutions.

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