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Anchorage Alaska DUI Lawyer Evan Barrickman

As the public’s attention has been focused on Driving Under the Influence in the past decades, state legislatures have been re-writing Driving Under the Influence and Operating Under the Influence laws.

These laws are enacted to punish those who have been convicted of Driving or Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence. If you are convicted there are harsh fines and penalties, you may be facing the forfeiture of your vehicle to the State or Municipality and you will be mandated to attend an alcohol treatment program.

These laws have also made Operating Under the Influence cases complex and you need an experienced attorney to assist you with your case. Find out how our Anchorage Alaska DUI Lawyer Evan Barrickman can help you.

DMV/Court Proceeding After A DUI

The first thing you need to know if you have been charged with Operating Under the Influence in Alaska is that there are two different proceedings that will be initiated against you.

First, the Department of Motor Vehicles proceeding and second, your criminal court proceeding.


It is imperative to hire an attorney as soon as possible after your arrest for Operating Under the Influence. The DMV allows you 7 days from your arrest to request an administrative hearing for the revocation of your driver’s license.

If you fail to request a hearing, the DMV will automatically suspend your license, even if the criminal case is dismissed. Contact the Law Office of Evan Barrickman today if you have been arrested for Operating Under the Influence to protect your driving privileges with the DMV.


As noted above, there will also be a criminal proceeding filed against you. Depending on if this is the first charge of Operating Under the Influence and the particular circumstances of your case you will be facing at a minimum 3 days in jail.

Additionally, there are substantial fines and surcharges that you will face. Contact the Law Office of Evan Barrickman today for a consultation on your Operating Under the Influence case.

While the Law Office of Evan Barrickman cannot guarantee the outcome in any case, it is imperative to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help protect your rights in your Operating Under the Influence case.

Contact the Alaska law firm of the Law Office of Evan Barrickman today for a consultation on your Operating Under the Influence case.


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