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I’m speechless right now! I’ve dealt with 5 different lawyers regarding a complicated case over the course of 1 year (3 of which were expensive), and I KEPT getting the “run around.” Just money wasted and still no answers to my concerns. I can honestly say I’ve never ended any dialogues with them the way I ended mine today with Mr. Barrickman feeling a sense of relief like a 50lb weight was lifted off of me! Not only did he thoroughly answer ALL of my questions, but he went beyond expectations by CLEARLY defining/explaining what steps to take toward my journey for resolution. He was personable, extremely knowledgeable in regards to family law, and what he wasn’t sure about he took the time in that very moment to research so that he could provide me with honest, accurate information. I SINCERELY felt as if he cared about my dilemmas. I’ve never physically met him and this was our very 1st conversing, but I would recommend him WITHOUT hesitation to anyone needing an amazing lawyer. You will immediately sense that this man has TRUE passion for what he does. I am in tears right now b/c I genuinely taught myself not to expect much from a lawyer… Until NOW! I don’t have to waste any more money… I can finally get the ball rolling in my case. Mr. Barrickman is truly prayers answered! DO NOT sell yourself short and miss the opportunity to have a motivated attorney serve you… I know you are probably just as tired as I was with the back and forth w/the law/justice system. Do yourself a favor and choose Mr. Barrickman. I have absolutely ZERO regrets and would do so again w/out looking any further! Unfortunately, myself and all other parties involved in my case now reside in TX and he doesn’t practice here, or else I would’ve hired him on the spot. Excuse the lengthiness, but I’m excited right now. He took the time to serve me, now I’m just attempting to do the same.


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Evan was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He grew up in South Anchorage and graduated from Dimond High School.

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