J.L. Divorce and Custody

Great attorney.  You’re probably thinking I got everything that I wanted in the divorce and that is why I’m writing this testimonial? That is not the case (no pun intended!).  Evan got me a fair settlement that I am very pleased with.  I quickly realized that in a divorce proceeding, you won’t get everything you want or think you deserve.  Evan is a straight shooter, very competent, very knowledgeable concerning divorce proceedings.   I appreciated Evan’s common sense, to-the-point style.  He did not make grand promises and did a great job of aligning my expectations with reality, and for that I am thankful.  Evan did a great job of returning phone calls or emails in a prompt manner and listened to my concerns and addressed them in a compassionate and thoughtful manner.    I also thought his invoices were very accurate and detailed.  I would highly recommend Evan if you going through a divorce.

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About Evan

Evan was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He grew up in South Anchorage and graduated from Dimond High School.

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