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Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotionally fueled times in one’s life. At the Law Office of Evan Barrickman P.C., Anchorage Divorce Attorney, we advocate for our clients in all matters relating to divorce. We take pride in explaining to our clients the legal issues and what can be expected during divorce proceedings. We strive to take the emotional element out of the divorce and guide our clients through the divorce process and resolve related issues involving children and property quickly, amicably, efficiently and cost effectively. In every case our goal is to enable our clients to move forward with their lives in the best manner possible.

At the Law Office of Evan Barrickman P.C. we understand that many times a divorce trial is the last thing a client wants to deal with during such a turbulent time in their lives. However, if an amicable resolution cannot be reached, the Law Office of Evan Barrickman P.C. is more than willing to take your divorce case to trial.

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We represent clients in marital dissolution matters involving:

Helping You Understand the Possibilities

Evan will begin by learning about your personal, financial and family situation. We will discuss your hopes, your fears and where you want to be in your life six months, a year and three years from now. Evan, an experienced Family Law Attorney, will explain the legal and factual issues in your case that will shape the eventual outcome. Based on your instructions, we will work diligently to achieve your divorce and resolve related matters in an acceptable manner.

Division of Property and Debts

After issues involving children, achieving a fair and equitable property settlement usually presents the greatest challenge during the divorce process. Evan will take measures to protect your rights and interests during the legal process and work diligently to help you to an amicable resolution on all issues including property and debt distribution, custody and visitation of children, and spousal and child financial support.

Realistic, Results-Oriented Representation

Divorce is about building a better future for yourself and your children. In most cases, the best path forward is to negotiate an overall settlement that is both realistic and fair. If an amicable resolution cannot be reached, Evan will represent you assertively in court to protect your rights and achieve your goals. We are geared to finding solutions so our clients can look to the future.

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Mr Barrickman came highly recommended to me by a different lawyer. After the year long journey we went through for my extremely complicated divorce, custody battle, and order of protection; I will forever recommend him.

My multi-faceted battle didn’t start the first day I walked through Mr Barrickman’s door. It started with my first phone call, when he advised me of my first step, and exactly how to go about it.

After the years of turning to other resources for help and failing to receive it, I walked into Evans office without much hope for a resolution, much less a positive one. As we began to discuss everything I had endured for the past decade, and despite the shame and embarrassment that flooded me, Evan began to formulate a plan.  One that started a shimmer of hope for my family.  A plan that was clearly explained and put me at the helm. Mr Barrickman was very straight forward about what each choice would require from me in order to be successful. No matter what the nature of those requirements were, embarrassing or regrettable, Evan handled it all with sensitivity and without judgement, demonstrating the consummate professional that he is.

Despite the complexity of my cases, Evan never wavered. He easily navigated every obstacle we faced with integrity and intelligence.

As we made our way through the nerve racking and emotionally draining process, Evan always made himself available to encourage my confidence and answer my questions. I never walked into a court room feeling unprepared or uneasy.  I always knew the possible outcomes, but I never felt lost. Additionally, I never felt alone. I knew that Evan was invested in my case, and he truly cared about how this would turn out for me. I wasn’t just another paycheck.

Divorce, Custody, and Protection Orders aren’t typically very neat; but Evan helped me turn it into a something I could grow from. A platform to close that chapter of my past and to launch the restart of my life.

The last time I walked out of Mr Barrickman’s office, I left with a lighter step and brimming with optimism. Not only did we prevail, we did so honestly and with out a shred of arrogance.

Sometimes you need more than a lawyer, sometimes you need someone in your corner. That’s Evan Barrickman.

-Alexandra McCormick

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