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Alaska Custody Laws

There are two types of custody in Alaska custody cases determined by the court or Alaska Custody Lawyer. The first is what is called “legal custody” and the second is “physical custody”.   Legal Custody Definition The First Alaska Custody Lawyer is Legal custody is defined as the right to make important decisions about the child(ren) including,…

Alaska Divorce Basics

Property Division  and Divorce in  Alaska, Anchorage Divorce lawyers will know that divorce in alaska should be differentiated from child custody issues in Alaska. While custody cases may be determined in a divorce case, the two are entirely different. Divorce severs the matrimonial bonds between the parties and otherwise determines the division of marital assets and…

Alaska Electronic Monitoring

CREDIT FOR TIME ON ELECTRONIC MONITORING PRIOR TO CONVICTION Alaska Now Allows Credit for Time Spent on Electronic Monitoring Prior to Conviction In August 2015, the State of Alaska recently enacted legislation enabling persons convicted of crimes to get credit for time served on electronic monitoring as part of a bail condition. Stated basically, you…

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in Alaska

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS IN ALASKA Domestic violence in  Alaska: Alaska allows victims of domestic violence to apply for and receive both short-term and long-term Domestic violence Alaska restraining orders or protective orders. The short-term order is typically for 20 days and a long-term order is typically for a period of 1 year. In order…

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