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If you are a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), you and your dependents may be eligible to have some or all of your legal fees paid through the union.

If you are an IBEW member and need the legal representation of an Anchorage IBEW attorney or an Alaska IBEW attorney, contact the Law Office of Evan Barrickman, P.C. We have served numerous IBEW clients on multiple matters ranging from criminal charges, domestic relations, matters including divorce and custody, prenuptial agreements, as well as civil litigation matters.

The plan does have some limitations and eligibility requirements. However, if you have consistently been employed as an IBEW member, you are most likely eligible. More information on program eligibility is available here:

As noted above, your dependents may also qualify for legal services under the plan. Dependents are defined under the plan as your spouse, unmarried children under 19 years of age and not serving in the military as well as adopted children, step-children, or foster children who are dependent on you for principal support and maintenance.

Further, if your children are unmarried and are attending school full-time they are eligible for benefits up to their 24th birthday. More information on dependent eligibility is available here:

Many different types legal services are covered under the IBEW Alaska Attorney program. The services range from consultation services with a lawyer if you need general advice or to consult with a lawyer on a particular issue, document preparation including estate planning, wills, real estate matters for the member’s personal residence, power of attorney, guardianship, releases, settlements, letters, or other documents settling a civil matter absent litigation or formal court process.

The plan also covers civil litigation across Alaska including if you are sued as a defendant in a civil action. The plan pays for pretrial preparation, trial, and a hearing or appearance before any court or any administrative tribunal of the federal, state or local government.

Other civil litigation includes coverage for plaintiff actions including consumer transactions, breach of contract, personal bankruptcy, change of name, and administrative agency proceedings. The plan also covers divorce, dissolution, adoption, and enforcement or modification of spousal support and custody orders. The plan also covers Alaska IBEW Attorney fees on felonies, misdemeanor and traffic infractions.

Alaska IBEW DUI or OUI Attorney

The Law Office of Evan Barrickman, P.C. is your choice for representation on behalf of the IBEW and Alaska Electrical Trust fund for OUI, DUI in Anchorage, or any other community in Alaska.

More information is available at the Alaske Electrical Trust Fund website which is located at:

At the Law Office of Evan Barrickman, P.C. we are part of the Alaska Electrical Trust Fund Legal Plan, however, we have not formed a partnership or any other relationship with the IBEW or the Alaska Electrical Legal Fund and have only consented to the necessary terms and conditions to be part of their program.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyer, Evan Barrickman, is always dedicated to help out victims and fight aggressively for them.

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