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Evan is an outstanding attorney

Evan Barrickman is an outstanding attorney who is capable, meticulous, and diligent. He is a straight-talker who will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know.  I first hired him to represent me in a totally bogus DVPO case.  He was thoroughly prepared even though I hired him on relatively short notice.  It was very comforting to have him by my side.
The DVPO was eventually thrown out but the underlying child custody case that prompted the accusations was reopened.  Due to scheduling conflicts I hired a different attorney to represent me in my very complicated custody case… That was a big mistake!  It wasn’t long before I was calling Mr. Barrickman and begging him to take me back!  And I’m very glad he did. With Evan’s help negotiating my case settled out of court and I got every major thing I asked for.  Evan’s passion for his work is clear and he will be the only attorney I call in the future.
-Kristin A

I’m speechless right now!

Anchorage Custody Lawyers

I’m speechless right now! I’ve dealt with 5 different lawyers regarding a complicated case over the course of 1 year (3 of which where expensive), and I KEPT getting the “run around.” Just money wasted and still no answers to my concerns. I can honestly say I’ve never ended any dialogues with them the way I ended mine today with Mr. Barrickman feeling a sense of relief like a 50lb weight was lifted off of me! Not only did he thoroughly answer ALL of my questions, but he went beyond expectations by CLEARLY defining/explaining what steps to take toward my journey for resolution. He was extremely knowledgeable in regards to family law, and what he wasn’t sure about he took the time in that very moment to research so that he could provide me with honest, accurate information. I SINCERELY felt as if he cared about my dilemmas. I’ve never physically met him and this was our very 1st conversation, but I would recommend him WITHOUT hesitation to anyone needing an amazing lawyer. You will immediately sense that this man has TRUE passion for what he does. I am in tears right now b/c I genuinely taught myself not to expect much from a lawyer… Until NOW! I don’t have to waste any more money… I can finally get the ball rolling in my case. Mr. Barrickman is truly prayers answered! DO NOT sell yourself short and miss the opportunity to have a motivated attorney serve you… I know you are probably just as tired as I was with the back and forth w/the law/justice system. Do yourself a favor and choose Mr. Barrickman. I have absolutely ZERO regrets and would do so again w/out looking any further! Excuse the lengthiness, but I’m excited right now. He took the time to serve me, now I’m just attempting to do the same.

M.M. – Custody Case

Very pleased with the services I received

I was recommended to Mr. Evan Barrickman, from another personal injury attorney in Anchorage. I was approaching the statute of limitations of my personal injury claim as the result of a car wreck I was in almost two years ago. I tried to handle the case on my own but I was getting nowhere with the insurance company of the other driver, and other auto accident lawyers were not willing to take my case because the statue of limitations was approaching.  Mr. Barrickman looked at my case, and gave me a honest, realistic assessment of where I stood and the most likely outcomes. He handled my situation with professionalism and concern. As different situations arose during the course of my case, if Mr. Barrickman couldn’t give me an immediate answer he would do his research and get me an answer as soon as possible.  After review, he again provided honest, straight forward advice of how we should proceed.

In the end, I am very pleased with the services I received from Mr. Barrickman. I ended up with a settlement six times larger than what the insurance company was offering me before I retained Mr. Barrickman’s services.  I would recommend him to anyone in need of fair, honest, competent, and compassionate representation.

M.C. Automobile Injury

Mr. Barrickman has handled three separate cases for me

Dismissed with Prejudice

Mr. Barrickman has handled three separate cases for me, a custody case, a criminal case, and a civil case.  All of which turned out better than I had expected, including one being “dismissed with prejudice”.  Evan had a very real and honest outlook on each of my cases.  He handled them very professionally but also compassionately.  He worked swiftly and diligently and always had answers for me. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of representation.  It was comforting having him on my side.


Very Pleased and Highly Recommended

It all played out exactly as Mr. Evan Barrickman said it would.

When I found out I had a bench warrant on my head for an  allegged boating violation, plus disorderly conduct. (living in the bush, and knot knowing what to do) I contacted the law office of Evan Barrickman.
Mr. Barrickman and I spoke over the phone. I was given some homework assignments to do, and Mr. Barrickman followed through very professionally taking care of all the legal work. At no time did I feel I was wrong while being helped by Mr. Barrickman. It all played out exactly as Mr. Barrickman said it would.  I totally trusted Mr. Barrickman’s decisions to challenge the State, and my case was Dismissed.

I am very pleased, and Highly Recommend the Law office of Evan Barrickman.

SD – Charged with Reckless Boating and Disorderly Conduct

Fish and Game violation

There is nothing fun about having the State of Alaska wanting a piece of your (you know what) for events that occurred years before.  Not afraid to admit I made some stupid mistakes as a teenager.  The one smart thing I did throughout the whole ordeal was the hiring of Mr. Barrickman.  He was honest with me and realistic about the outcome from the get go, which was really refreshing.  Always had my best interest in mind, cleared any questions I might have, gave regular updates, and the outcome could not have been better. Everyone makes mistakes, just make sure you don’t when they come back to haunt you.

S. R.

Business Client

Anchorage Business Attorney

I  have worked with Evan off and on for the past two years.  Evan is the first person I call for legal advice and has been a tremendous asset for our business.  Evan is skilled in many areas of law and has provided legal counsel on several difficult issues.  One of the things I appreciate most about Evan is his honest, straightforward approach to law.  His advice always has our best interest and our bottom line in mind.  Evan has saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and the headaches that go along with the whole process.  I would highly recommend him to our friends and family.

R.Y. – Mother of criminal client

Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer

I can’t thank you enough for being so nice and generous in sharing your expertise in representing [my son]. Our whole family appreciated your help and we will forever be grateful to you.

R.H. – Divorce Client

Alaska Divorce Lawyer

I hired attorney Evan A. Barrickman to represent me during my nasty divorce case. He was the “strength” I needed! He fought for me when I couldn’t. Evan was very firm and professional, yet caring and compassionate. Honestly, I would not be where I am today if Evan didn’t believe in me and tell me to “stay strong,” we can get through this, and “just trust me and let me do my job”.

S.S. – Personal Injury Client

Alaska Personal Injury Lawyer

Working with Evan was a great experience. From the initial consultation to closing my case he was not only professional but he was also very compassionate and caring. Evan got me more money for my personal injury claim then I expected, and more than the insurance companies were offering me before I retained his services.  This guy is honest, trustworthy and will work hard for what you deserve. Take your claim to the law offices of Evan Barrickman and see for yourself.