R.M. Valdez Divorce

Evan was truly an amazing advocate for me. His support and skill saw me through deeply difficult decisions. I spoke with more than five attorneys when facing divorce. My advice: call Evan. At the first phone call, Evan had my back. He was quick to schedule a meeting and set up representation. I felt that Evan believed in my case and its outcome, and I appreciated his candor, warmth, and respect. I hope not to need Evan’s services again, but if I do, I am so glad to know that he is there.

J.E. Anchorage Divorce

Evan is a very good lawyer. He knows what he is doing and is best at it. I hired him to represent me in a case and he was prepared even though I hired him on short notice. With Evan’s expert negotiating skills my case settled out of court.

AF – Civil Tort Defense

Evan is a magnificent attorney. He is professional, honest, knowledgeable, and surprisingly kind. While litigation is extremely stressful, the silver lining was learning that there are good people in the legal profession.

J.L. Divorce and Custody

Great attorney.  You’re probably thinking I got everything that I wanted in the divorce and that is why I’m writing this testimonial? That is not the case (no pun intended!).  Evan got me a fair settlement that I am very pleased with.  I quickly realized that in a divorce proceeding, you won’t get everything you want or think you deserve.  Evan is a straight shooter, very competent, very knowledgeable concerning divorce proceedings.   I appreciated Evan’s common sense, to-the-point style.  He did not make grand promises and did a great job of aligning my expectations with reality, and for that I am thankful.  Evan did a great job of returning phone calls or emails in a prompt manner and listened to my concerns and addressed them in a compassionate and thoughtful manner.    I also thought his invoices were very accurate and detailed.  I would highly recommend Evan if you going through a divorce.

J.H. Anchorage Child Custody Case

“Evan was beyond amazing when navigating through my custody case. At first before I had a lawyer, I was lost on where to even start. One call to Evan, and a quickly scheduled meeting, and my case was well on its way. He is very down to earth and honest, while still remaining very professional. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer to handle my case. I ended up with full custody, and every stipulation I asked for, without even a hesitation of the judge. Evan knows exactly what he is doing, and like I said, he is a master of the courtroom. He will fight for you until the end, while also being personable. You feel like you are going to court with a lifelong friend. I could also tell that he is very well respected around the Alaskan Legal Community. That showed me just how knowledgeable and trustworthy he is. If you want a lawyer that has your back, and can no doubt get you what you are fighting for, Evan Barrickman is your guy. I couldn’t have been happier with his service, and would recommend him to anyone. A++”

Anchorage Child Custody Lawyer

Evan helped turn a complicated battle into a settlement in under a year. I couldn’t be more happy with the work and drive he dedicated to working with me.

Amazed and Thankful

I am amazed by, and thankful for the work that The Law Office of Evan Barrickman has done for me! I had gone through four previous attorneys who were unable to help. I was about to give up when I was referred to Evan Barrickman. 

When I first met Evan, I was impressed with his sharp intellect and confident demeanor. After I started working with him, I was further impressed by his ethics and dedication to the highest good of his profession. I could tell that he really cared about helping to ‘right a wrong’ in my situation. 

Evan is incredibly personable, was straight-forward about my case, and he did a tremendous amount of research regarding my situation. His assistance enabled me to recover so much more than I would have otherwise. 

I rarely write reviews or make recommendations, but for a professional like Evan, who truly went the extra mile (or two!), I am compelled to rave about how happy I have been with him and his stellar work. Thank you so much, Evan!

Alaska Attorney

When I was in need of legal representation I found Evan to be honest  and straight forward with his assessment of my case. As soon as I talked to Evan the first time, I realized his experience, knowledge, and level of confidence was exactly what I was looking for. Evan always responded quickly to every question I had and explained in a way that always made sense. His thorough review of my case and detailed preparation prior to my hearing made winning my case almost assured. When in court Evan was at his best, both confident, and professional. Yet aggressive in my defense, and fully in control. I will with out hesitation go to Evan If ever I find a need for a top notch lawyer. I have recommended Evan to my friends and family. If you ever need solid representation, Evan is the man to see!


Anchorage Child Custody Modification

Evan did an amazing job with my custody case. It was messy from the beginning. He walked me through every mountain we had to overcome and listening to his advice and guidance throughout the process was the best thing. We overcame every obstacle and he got me full custody of my 3 kids. He was attentive, courteous, honest and I couldn’t be more grateful to him. This is the lawyer you want. No doubt about it.



Mr Barrickman came highly recommended to me by a different lawyer. After the year long journey we went through for my extremely complicated divorce, custody battle, and order of protection; I will forever recommend him.

My multi-faceted battle didn’t start the first day I walked through Mr Barrickman’s door. It started with my first phone call, when he advised me of my first step, and exactly how to go about it.

After the years of turning to other resources for help and failing to receive it, I walked into Evans office without much hope for a resolution, much less a positive one. As we began to discuss everything I had endured for the past decade, and despite the shame and embarrassment that flooded me, Evan began to formulate a plan.  One that started a shimmer of hope for my family.  A plan that was clearly explained and put me at the helm. Mr Barrickman was very straight forward about what each choice would require from me in order to be successful. No matter what the nature of those requirements were, embarrassing or regrettable, Evan handled it all with sensitivity and without judgement, demonstrating the consummate professional that he is.

Despite the complexity of my cases, Evan never wavered. He easily navigated every obstacle we faced with integrity and intelligence.

As we made our way through the nerve racking and emotionally draining process, Evan always made himself available to encourage my confidence and answer my questions. I never walked into a court room feeling unprepared or uneasy.  I always knew the possible outcomes, but I never felt lost. Additionally, I never felt alone. I knew that Evan was invested in my case, and he truly cared about how this would turn out for me. I wasn’t just another paycheck.

Divorce, Custody, and Protection Orders aren’t typically very neat; but Evan helped me turn it into a something I could grow from. A platform to close that chapter of my past and to launch the restart of my life.

The last time I walked out of Mr Barrickman’s office, I left with a lighter step and brimming with optimism. Not only did we prevail, we did so honestly and with out a shred of arrogance.

Sometimes you need more than a lawyer, sometimes you need someone in your corner. That’s Evan Barrickman.

-Alexandra McCormick